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"E-Learning" is essential to everybody! Computer-mediated learning enables for all branches new possibilities in training of staff, educating employees or academic teaching of students/scholars.

Excellent learning modules require hereby always engaging interactions with different multimedia-elements. Designing these modules or learning scenarios didactically-efficient, creatively-engaging and technically-professional is challenging!

... and exactly here can I help you! With 10+ years expierence in the field of e-learning I support your business by designing your learning solutions ... from conceptual design to implementation:

Expertise Dr. techn. Gergely Rakoczi


Do you have a PDF or PowerPoint presentation and would like to create a professional e-learning module out of it?

Do you want to "digitalize" your on-site training or want to extend it with e-learning components?

Do you want to benefit from the advantages of e-learning and need an expert for this?

Do you need technical advice or an e-learning consultant for your multimedia projects?

Do you require support to "spice up" your learning experience or need didactical optimization of your learning content?


... exactly here I can support you!





The range of provided services:

Services Dr. techn. Gergely Rakoczi


  • Production of learning modules in various formats, such as HTML5, HTML with Flash (SWF), videoexports, learning programmes as execuatables, etc.
  • Creation of e-learning content:
    • Multimedia production of all media types: audio, video, images or graphics, simulations
    • Media conversions, in case you have learning objects in specific formats
    • Individual learning pathes for self-navigated learning sequences
    • User-interactions for intuitive learning
  • Tests and e-assessment with numerous question-types: multiple choice, single choice, matching tasks, marking-tasks etc. There are tons of options here, your content defines the solution.
  • Learning management with Moodle
    • Course and user-management for online courses
    • Optimization of learning experiences
    • Training of Moodle services
  • Support from conceptual design to implementation
  • Audio dubbing with professional speakers in German and English


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In case of interest please write me an e-mail or call me directly: 0043 (660) 5194177 ... or ... gergely(at)


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